Lawn Care

An Investment In A Beautiful Yard

Your beautiful lawn doesn’t stay that way on its own. It takes continuing work to keep your lawn looking its best. Maintaining your lawn means more than just mowing and using a weed-eater. It means keeping the grass healthy, fertilized and growing well. It means keeping weeds under control so they don’t choke out your beautiful grass. It means watching for and eliminating pests when they show up.

In short, it takes diligent work. And the best products available to keep your lawn looking its best.

The kind of diligence and top-level products you get from the professionals at New Horizon Property Management.

New Horizon is proud to be an authorized BeeSafe applicator. What does that mean to you? Simply, it means you get the best and safest lawn care products available combined with New Horizon’s professionalism.

Much of the lawn care performed today involves chemicals that may be harmful to your pets and to you. BeeSafe products are organic, safe, affordable, and effective. These products are designed to increase the availability of nutrients for your lawn and to improve plants’ ability to use those nutrients. What will you get? Greater plant growth, better stress resistance in your lawn, and the comfort of knowing you’re doing it with the safety of your family and your neighbors in mind.

The pros at New Horizons want the best for you and your family. This is one more way they’re providing it!

Hiring pros to do your lawn maintenance is an investment in the beauty of your home. You want someone who knows what to do to help you get and keep the lawn you dream about. Neighbors driving by will slow down to look at it.

Once you see what we can do with our basic lawn care services, you’ll want to keep your lawn looking wonderful all year ‘round. Our lawn maintenance program will make sure your lawn keeps looking thick and lush. We’ll keep it weed and disease free all year.

Maintaining your lawn means pruning and trimming hedges, decorative bushes, and trees. It means making sure your grass stays healthy all year long. It means making sure all your plants are in their healthiest condition in every season.

Knowing what your lawn and plants need in every season is one mark of true professionals. That’s what you get when you contract with New Horizon. We’ll talk with you all year long to make recommendations about the services your lawn needs to keep looking beautiful.

We’ll make your lawn and plants look so good the neighbors won’t be able to wait through the winter to see your lovely lawn in the spring!

Some of our continuing maintenance services:

  • Aerating your lawn to make sure of adequate airflow and drainage
  • Dethatching your lawn to increase growth
  • Overseeding your lawn to encourage thicker growth
  • Repairing those spots and dead patches that all lawns get over time

We’ll work with you to set up a schedule for those maintenance activities that can be scheduled. There will always be some treatments that don’t lend themselves to being scheduled. We’ll talk with you about those, too.

So contact us at New Horizon today. You deserve to have more time to spend with your family doing those things that you all enjoy.

We’ve been working in this industry since 1993 and have a combined experience of 70 years. Our dedicated team of professionals will astound you with their attention to detail and commitment to excellence. Call us today at 269-558-8122.

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