bee safe organic lawn management marengo, mi

How It Works

All of our products and programs are based on improving soil biology to create a suitable and effective growing environment for turf. Based on the science behind larger scale organic agriculture the Bee Safe Organic Lawn Management Program is a patent pending turf care system that will create a beautiful lawn without the use of traditional and potentially dangerous lawn care methods.

Organic is greener!

Not only will your lawn grow greener and stay greener longer you can feel assured you’re doing the right thing for the environment!

Expert Results!

An organic lawn will grow slower yet more regularly than a lawn that is fertilized with chemicals.

Organic Lawns Save Water!

Your lawn will become enriched with organic matter which will cause your lawn to act like a sponge. Your lawn will require far less water than a chemical lawn.

Bio Nutrition

By stimulating and adding to the existing soil biology we allow your turf to use existing nutrients that have been previously locked up.

Healthy Family Commitment

The reduction of pesticide use around children is an absolute commitment by BeeSafe®.

The impact that lawn care pesticides have on the health and development of children is being called into question with much more clarity as research continues into how chemical pesticides contribute to many harmful effects on developing children and young adults.

Over the past several years BeeSafe® has demonstrated that achieving a healthy, green and pest free lawn is absolutely achievable without using chemical pesticides.

Just as many doctors and health experts recommend eating organic food whenever possible it should be assumed that parents consider the same when choosing to use pesticides around their homes.

Our commitment to the reduction of pesticides goes beyond our own programs and processes. We are committed to showing the rest of the industry that they must find ways to reduce and eliminate the use of pesticides whenever possible.